Marubbi’s Cafe

Oriel Wrecsam Explorers session6_07Marubbi’s Café began life in York Street in 1896 before relocating to Bank Street in 1936. This photo is of Umberto Marubbi and his wife, who are grandparents of the current owner Paul Marubbi. This café is as traditional a place as you are likely to find in Wrecsam, which is why our Explorers renamed the street Traditional Terrace.

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Atmospheric Alley

Oriel Wrecsam Explorers session5_11The 1st of December saw us beginning in Café De Galles (French for The Welsh Café). This listed building has housed a number of businesses over the years before becoming a café in 1997. We can honestly say their hot chocolates and jacket potatoes are fantastic. Our Explorers decided to name this road Atmospheric Alley as we loved the bright and airy vibe of the café, the owner Julie was lovely, and we could hear the staff singing as we worked; all overlooked by the stunning St Giles’ Church. Continue reading “Atmospheric Alley”

eternal witch of the highstreet

Explorers session 3_12This session began sheltered from the cold and rain with hot drinks in the well-known and well-loved Kristina’s Café on Chester Street. One of our Explorers comes here often with her family and we loved hearing her memories. Kristina’s has a history stretching back centuries (in 1586 she began life as a sweetshop), and we found a photo from over a century ago showing the place as ‘The Gwalia Restaurant’ dining and tea-rooms. This started discussions about the history of the town as we pored over library books filled with photos of Wrecsam’s history.

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