eternal witch of the highstreet

Explorers session 3_12This session began sheltered from the cold and rain with hot drinks in the well-known and well-loved Kristina’s Café on Chester Street. One of our Explorers comes here often with her family and we loved hearing her memories. Kristina’s has a history stretching back centuries (in 1586 she began life as a sweetshop), and we found a photo from over a century ago showing the place as ‘The Gwalia Restaurant’ dining and tea-rooms. This started discussions about the history of the town as we pored over library books filled with photos of Wrecsam’s history.

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Walking on Red

Oriel Wrecsam Explorers
Oriel Wrecsam Explorers

This session began at Hoffi Koffi with tea, toasties and choc-brownie-milkshakes while we discussed last week’s colour walk and future plans. We love Hoffi Koffi’s ‘pending’ system where you can buy an extra coffee or sandwich to be delivered to homeless people in Wrecsam later in the week. Continue reading “Walking on Red”