Marubbi’s Cafe

Oriel Wrecsam Explorers session6_07Marubbi’s Café began life in York Street in 1896 before relocating to Bank Street in 1936. This photo is of Umberto Marubbi and his wife, who are grandparents of the current owner Paul Marubbi. This café is as traditional a place as you are likely to find in Wrecsam, which is why our Explorers renamed the street Traditional Terrace.

Although originating from Italy, the Marubbi family name has become synonymous with Wrecsam. Paul said, “We’re in the museum and on the BBC Wales website and when we went to see comedian Josh Widdicombe recently at Glyndwr I, as usual, got picked on. Josh asked the audience who had heard of Marubbi’s café – it was great to see a number of people put their hand up.”

The original window pane the couple are standing in front of is now framed in the café (see photo below).


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